Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Past Memories

this is something i came across from Oct. 7th 2010. and i just really wanted to share it. sometimes there are bad days, sometimes there are good days, this falls in that bad day category. and the point is, that it should be okay for me to have a bad day.

everybody wants to tell me to stop letting it hurt so much, that they hate seeing me in so much pain, but no one wants to ask why. no one wants to just talk about it.

everybody wants to tell me that they're there for me but they never answer when i call or listen when i say anything.

everyone wants to insist they can never understand what i'm going through and tell me they'd just be a complete mess, but the second i am a complete mess they abandon me.

no one stops to just realize that i have never gotten it out. i have never had anyone there to just listen to me. no one just stopped to see what i wanted and how i wanted to deal with things. everything is and has been just thrown in my face and i had to find a way to deal with it.

nobody asked me if i wanted to wake up and lose my son. nobody said hey, we're going to let you sleep in this room with all your children, but when you wake up your youngest isn't going to be breathing.
nobody asked me if i wanted to be alone in that hospital waiting for my husband to show up. they just took nathan and sat me in a room and told me everything.

nobody asked me if i wanted my precious son to be investigated for signs of injury. they just told me it had to happen and i had no way around it.

nobody asked me if i wanted them to stay up all night with me and just cry, they all just assumed someone would be there for me so they all went to bed while i stayed up alone crying.

everybody insists that i am just ungrateful. that i just take everything for granted because i can't see that they were all helping in their own ways. that i can't see that they were there for me by picking out the cemetery, by bringing all those flowers and saying all those beautiful words.

because i didn't thank them for it. i'm the ungrateful one. because i expected them to just ask me what i wanted. i'm the ungrateful one.

because i never had my chance to just cry and just mourn and just miss with everyone, i'm the ungrateful one. because i never had anybody ask me what i wanted to do for his birthday or what i wanted to do the one year mark of his passing away. because i should just let everyone deal with it their way. no one can let me deal with it my way. no one can let me just have my entire family in a room and remember him.

i want everyone to sit there and cry with me. i want everyone to just support my pain and help me through it. i want one person to just look at me and tell me they're there for me and mean it.

i want to be able to collapse and know that every single person that said they care, will be right there to pick me up rather than turn their back and abdandon me because i'm not handling things the way they would.

doesn't anybody realize that they can never know how they'd honestly handle my situation? doesn't anybody realize they can never get pregnant with Vincent and carry him for only five months before finding out they could lose him. no one can go through a month in the hospital in nearly complete isolation with a baby in their belly that's at risk for being premature. no one can go through a c-section nearly dying themselvs while their six month old is at the brink of life. no one can spend three months in a hospital watching him grow outside of the womb and see the struggles that he's overcoming and know that it's all your fault. no one can bring him home and battle post partum depression, raising a two year old, moving into a new house, battling a lost marriage, and getting him settled in they way he deserved. and no one can wake up only two months after he was home to him no longer breathing and know that it was entirely your fault. because you just couldn't give him everything. and now you will never be able to give him everything.

i am the only person in the entire world that knows what that feels like.

and i sit here and i let everyone walk all over me. i let my mother kick me out over a dog. i let my brother abdandon me and say such hurtful things over a computer. i let an aunt lash out on me over thirty dollars. i let cousins kick me out over a blog. i let every single person find something better to do the second his day nears. i let my ex husband run off to germany and give up on us. i let people tell me to be the bigger person. and i let a boyfriend throw me to the curb every breakdown i encounter.

but somehow, i just want a pity party. somehow i just want to sit here and be in pain and suffer. and somehow it matters so much to everyone else that they can't see what i honestly want.

vincent deserves everything. if i'm not better, i can't give him anything. if i have no one there making me feel like i'm worth getting better, it's going to take a lot longer than if i had the support and i had the family taking care of me. cause right now, it's me and nathan. and i'm not complaining, i love the life he and i have. but if every year i have to deal with no one calling, "letting everyone deal with it the way they deal with it", getting over it, moving on, then it's going to take some time and you guys are just going to have to deal with me being a complete total wreck every october 8th, every may 10th every december 4th every feb 11th every august 10th every august 15th and any other date or moment that means something to me about him.

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